Welcome to the West

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Over three million acres in Montana have been subdivided into small parcels over the past three decades. Most of the parcels were ranches, which provided habitat for wildlife, especially during harsh winter months. Now that houses are replacing hay meadows, wildlife are looking for new homes, and human/wildlife conflicts are increasing.

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WSE views the change in ownership as an opportunity to reach newcomers with information that will help them avoid or minimize their impact. Reaching this audience is one of WSE’s primary objectives through our Welcome to the West program. Through the program, we educate prospective land buyers and new residents about the problems caused by rural development and ways they can protect both their land and their investment.

Welcome to the West Landowner Guide

WSE’s Welcome to the West Guide helps newcomers channel their affection for wildlife and open space into vacation and real estate choices that protect nature. The Guide outlines the benefits of becoming a Conservation Vacationer, Buyer and Landowner. In addition, it describes the realities of living in a rural area, what Nature needs to be healthy, and a range of sustainable choices for home and road siting and building that protect wildlife habitat and natural systems. The Guide also includes information on the financial and environmental advantages of conservation easements. Through it, WSE strongly encourages a home in town. To-date, we have reached 11,000 people through the Guide.