• Low-Stress Stockmanship

• Coexistence with Wildlife

• Grazing Strategies

• Economic Benefits

• Livestock Protection to Minimize Losses from Predators

In the Northern Rockies, ranchers not only produce beef, they steward some of the most iconic wildlife habitat, water resources, and native plant communities in North America. The challenges they face are complex and often misunderstood. Whether you are a rancher, student, NGO, or agency worker, you might find yourself asking, “What tools are available that can help me be more productive and protect the health of this important landscape?”

In this clinic, you’ll hear stories of lessons learned by ranchers and experienced range riders. You’ll learn about the many tools ranchers can use to tackle tough issues – including range riding, low-stress livestock handling, tips on predator behavior, carcass management, and community-based problem solving. You’ll take away practical advice and inspiration that may help your ranch or community – wherever you are – address complex issues on the land.

Upcoming workshops:

August 21-23 at the J Bar L Ranch in Centennial Valley, MT - Fee is $400.00

October 18-20 at the Crazy D Ranch in Melville, MT - Fee TBD

• Instructors: Hilary Zaranek-Anderson and Andrew Anderson

• Registration Fee includes lodging, meals, snacks, transportation during the class and all necessary equipment. (Does not include travel to the site.)

NOTE: There will NOT be horseback riding in the training.

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