Your donation can help WSE pioneer this exciting new field.

Your donation can help WSE pioneer this exciting new field.

Montana Grasslands Carbon Initiative

Soil health is essential for healthy habitat, and soil carbon is critical for soil health. WSE's Montana Grasslands Carbon Initiative investigates and promotes ways gardeners, farmers, and ranchers can create healthy soil by increasing its carbon content through the use of regenerative agricultural practices.


The benefits of soil carbon extend beyond water resources, agriculture production, and wildlife habitat. Many companies value the environmental services of soil carbon, because it's composed of carbon that's been pulled from the atmosphere and sequestered in the soil through photosynthesis. A growing number of companies voluntarily purchase carbon credits to offset their own carbon emissions caused primarily by fossil fuels used in their business operations.

WSE is partnering with carbon credit provider, NativeEnergy, to create a program that will pay ranchers and other land stewards for sequestering carbon on grasslands through regenerative grazing practices.


Program Contact: Chris Mehus 406.222.0730, ext. 4

Banner Photo Credit: "Sunny Day!" courtesy of MGotta Photography.