Resilient Ranchlands Initiative

A multi-faceted approach to promote regenerative ranching practices

WSE’s Resilient Ranchlands Program promotes regenerative ranching practices in critical habitats and watersheds throughout the Northern Rocky Mountain region. WSE offers a comprehensive system including technical assistance, education on regenerative ranching practices, practical tools ranchers can use to assess the efficacy of various practices on individual operations, and access to markets in the culinary and natural foods sectors, and carbon market as an incentive for ranchers to adopt the practices over the long run.

The Resilient Ranchlands Program has six components:


1)    Regenerative Practices Workshops: workshops on a range of topics including soil health, low-stress livestock handling, drought resilience, and other regenerative agricultural topics.

2)    Sustainability Certification: a certification program that verifies the use of regenerative practices through WSE’s comprehensive Sustainability Criteria©. 

3)    Range Rider Training Program: A collaborative program with ranchers to train riders in the skills needed to guard livestock from predation, protect cattle from losses due to illness and noxious weed poisoning, implement regenerative grazing plans, and monitor the results of grazing activities. 

4)    Cost/benefit calculators: tools that calculate the expenses of range riders and the potential increases to ranch profitability from reduced operating costs and increased forage productivity and livestock health.

5)    Market Connections: once a ranch successfully adopts regenerative practices and is certified through WSE’s Sustainability Criteria©, WSE facilitates sales for certified operations to markets in the culinary and natural food sectors. 

6)    Carbon offset payment program: a program that facilitates carbon offset payments to ranchers for using methods proven to sequester atmospheric carbon.


Program Contact: Chris Mehus 406.222.0730, ext. 4