Holiday Wish List Ideas for the Dog Owner Who Really Cares (a Lot) by guest blogger Cindy Aldridge

Are you obsessed with your dog? Do you worry about their safety, happiness, contentment, and any other describable emotional state on a constant basis? Are you a fan of adorning your walls with their cute little visage? If you’re a dog lover who really, truly cares then your dog is everything to you. That’s why you’re going to tailor your holiday wish list around them. Here are some things you shouldn’t miss.

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Ways to keep track of your dog

There are some legitimate reasons why you would want to have eyes on your dog when you’re not home or that you would want to be able to know exactly where they are at any given time. Dogs get loose. Dogs are home alone for hours and hours. Dogs can get themselves into some pretty precarious situations. For somewhere between $100 and $200, you can get a nice dog-monitoring camera for your home (or anywhere else your dog resides). Check here for some of the best options.

And for even less, you can get your dog their own GPS tracker that can attach to their collar and provide details on their exact whereabouts via a smartphone app. Here are some of the best options.

A great place for them to sleep

If you want your dog to be truly comfortable, you will make the place they spend most of their time extra cozy. We’re talking about their bed, of course. You wouldn’t want to sleep on a lumpy mess inside a subpar crate, so don’t put your dog through that. First, check this list for great crate options. Next, think about the padding. This list has some good options for dogs of any size, like a high-rise extra-padded bed for large dogs and a smaller “cuddlier” style bed for smaller breeds.

A way to transport them in any weather

If you and your dog are true BFFs, there’s a good chance that you like to take them everywhere and do lots of fun outdoors activities. If this is the case, you probably have to deal with a wet, dirty dog at times. Fret no more. Add a car seat cover to your holiday wish list and protect your car’s upholstery while giving you the ability to take your dog anywhere, despite the weather or terrain. Here are some good options.

A custom dog portrait

You said you really love your dog, right? Well, if you would like to have some great art of your beloved pooch hanging on your walls, your wish list should include some original artwork. You can request that your gift givers contact a local artist, or you can seek out the many options for dog-centric original artwork available on sites like Etsy.

A way to find out what they truly are

You know your lovable mutt is a mix of at least a few dogs. Don’t you want to know exactly what breeds make up your favorite animal? A dog DNA kit is a gift that you may not give yourself, but is perfect for a holiday wish list. Here’s a good breakdown of your options.

A selfie ball

Ending on a silly gift idea (but one guaranteed to make you and your dog smile), check out this doggie selfie ball attachment for your phone. It sits atop your phone and commands your dog’s attention so that you can take the perfect selfie with them. Then, once you’ve Snapchatted your selfie, you can actually throw the ball and play some fetch. It’s only silly if it doesn’t achieve its intended purpose, right?

Your holiday wish list should include things that make you happy and improve your life. If you love your dog, gifts that benefit them or give you a greater piece of mind about their happiness and security are certainly good for you too, right?


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