Young Entrepreneurial Stewards


In 2003, as a bit of an afterthought, WSE began letting children sell goods at the Livingston Farmers Market. After several years, parents reported that their children were learning valuable lessons, such as how to make change, interact with adults, and set up displays. They were also learning hard lessons about balancing supply with demand (especially when dealing with baked goods) and the importance of reinvesting some of their proceeds in materials in order to have products to sell at the following week’s market.

In 2006, upon the urging of parents, WSE began charging children a modest $2.25 booth fee to demonstrate the costs to doing business. Thus was born the Young Entrepreneurial Stewards (YES) Program. WSE collects and holds these fees throughout the year. At year’s end, to teach them the importance–and joy–of giving back to their community, WSE allows the kids to donate the sum of their booth fees to a charity of their choice.

Today, dozens of “YES Booths” grace the Livingston Farmers Market and offer a wide variety of products and services. Through their booth fees, YES kids have raised hundreds of dollars for community organizations, including Big Brother and Big Sisters of Park County, Mania, and LINKS for Learning.

2017 YES Booth Guidelines
  • YES participants must be between the ages of 6 and 16
  • All YES booth products must be pre-approved by WSE
  • At least 75% of product to be sold at Farmers Market must be produced by the YES vendor
  • All paperwork required to register YES booths must be completed and registered with WSE by YES vendor
  • YES vendor is responsible for setting up booth, merchandising and signage (with minimal adult assistance)
  • Seasonal spaces are not available at YES booth rates
  • YES booth spaces are 6×6 or less; larger spaces may be rented at the standard Farmers Market booth fee
  • YES booths may team up and share a larger space to use a canopy

Donate Now

WSE expanded the program in 2009 to reach more children. In partnership with Junior Achievement and LINKS for Learning (4-H and Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Park County have also helped out along the way), WSE helps organize a week-long summer YES camp where students learn business fundamentals, budgeting basics, and about sustainable practices in business. The YES camp curriculum imparts the theory. WSE’s Farmers Market provides the medium for the children to apply the knowledge. Unlike many other business education programs for children, the YES program allows kids to immediately apply what they learn and directly benefit from the experience.

In 2014 WSE began offering an afterschool YES Club so YES kids could work on businesses and business ideas throughout the school year, in preparation for the Farmers Market. WSE advises the kids about products and encourages them along the way.

Sign up now for the 2015 YES Camp!

 2015 YES Camp Registration

YES Camp is a free summer camp created and taught by WSE staff, volunteers, and guests. Camp sessions will be held at the Livingston Food Resource Center, 202 South 2nd Street, in the Community Room

There are 2 sessions for the 2015 YES Camp:

Session 1
Monday - Friday, June 15 - 19
For kids ages 7 - 10
9:00 am - 11:30 am

Session 2
Monday - Friday, June 22 - 26
For kids ages 11 - 14
9:00 am - 11:30 am

A sincere Thank You to our 2015 sponsors for saying Yes to YES! Mountain Sky Guest Ranch, Solid Rock Foundation, First Interstate Bank, Park County Community Foundation, Community Closet, Opportunity Bank, and Livingston Food Resource Center. Their generous support enables us to bring this valuable education to Park County children.

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