Steer to Steak

Ranchers produce cattle. Consumers eat beef. Many steps must occur before a steer becomes a steak. The Steer to Steak Program is a complex undertaking that differs from the Market Connection Program by addressing ranchers who sell cattle rather than a market-ready product (beef).

Over 40 million acres of Montana’s land base is in pasture and rangeland. Montana’s 11,000 plus ranchers play a significant role in preserving the region’s open spaces and protecting wildlife habitat. In recognizing the important stewardship role of these livestock producers, WSE is working to develop premium-based markets for sustainably raised cattle.

These markets provide economic incentives for regional producers and help maintain these ranches for future generations. This program also helps WSE achieve its goal of maximizing acres under sustainable management in the region. Furthermore, this program increases the availability to consumers of locally and sustainably raised beef.

Through the Steer to Steak Program WSE works with  packers, distributors, market outlets, and consumers to create a viable, long-term market for ranchers that meet our Sustainability Criteria.

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