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Contact: Tyrrell Hibbard, Market Connection Producer Coordinator, 406-223-8991,

Western Sustainability Exchange is celebrating 18 years of promoting sustainable agriculture. The Market Connection Program has trained over 560 producers about sustainable practices, and as a result over 845,000 acres of agricultural land and open space are being managed sustainably today.


The Market Connection Program connects producers using sustainable stewardship practices to our network of chefs, caterers, concessionaires and grocers who are passionate about local, sustainably produced food. To date, WSE has opened markets for over 100 producers.

WSE carries out an education campaign to increase consumer demand for sustainable goods and services.

WSE has generated over $750,000 in yearly sales and reached 650,000 people throughout the Northern Rockies  with “buy local” and sustainability messages.

We invite you to join us in sustaining the West’s landscape and quality of life while at the same time building your business!

Membership benefits for farmers, ranchers, restaurants and chefs

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WSE markets products for producers who treat livestock humanely, eliminate hormones and sub-therapeutic antibiotics, reduce chemical use and protect open space, wildlife habitat and water quality. WSE generates customers for chefs, caterers, restaurateurs and grocers who buy local foods and use sustainable practices in their establishments.

We help you grow your business through:

  • Commerce Day, which establishes business relationships between buyers and producers
  • Montana Farm to Restaurant Connection, which connects producers to restaurants and generates consumer support for both businesses
  • Harvest Celebration, a dinner event that promotes sustainable cuisine to consumers, media and culinary professionals
  • Livingston Farmers Market, a weekly outlet to sell directly to consumers
  • A public education campaign to increase consumer demand for your product

We help increase your skills through:

  • Custom Trainings that teach techniques for selling to natural food and culinary outlets
  • Wait-Staff Training (15-20 minutes at your establishment) that describes the benefits of sustainable foods and buying locally

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