Local Food

Spicy succulent lamb kabobs. Juicy browned pork chops. Falling-off-the-bone tender beef short ribs. Fresh vibrant salad greens. Fruit and veggies galore. All unlikely warriors in the battle to sustain what is so special about our region. Yet WSE believes that when these foods are grown locally with sustainable agricultural practices they can solve many of the region’s challenges.

WSE certifies family farms and ranches using sustainable practices that carefully protect streams & rivers, wildlife habitat, and open space; practices that reduce or eliminate petrochemical and pharmaceutical inputs of concern. The resulting food from these farms and ranches is significantly lower if not free of the residues present in much of conventionally grown produce and meat in the market place today, many of which have come under the scrutiny of governments and  health organizations.

Over two-thirds of the state’s land base is in agricultural production. And agriculture is one of Montana’s top industries. The way that our food is produced has profound impacts for our region—for the wildlife, the rural economies, and the agriculture traditions that define the Northern Rockies. WSE believes that the key to sustaining this region lies in people’s everyday choices. And most simply, it lies in our choices about food.

Conservation never tasted so good.

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