Healthy Economies

WSE envisions an economy and a society “to match the scenery” of the West. We foster this by engaging the people who make their living off the land and the many small businesses in our food system to create an alternative economic structure based on sustainable practices.

Although much of what we do is related to the environment, WSE is at heart an economic growth organization focused on the vitality of the region we all live in and enjoy.


Exchange of ideas, exchange of skills, and the exchange within the marketplace when sustainable goods are bought and sold–Exchange is the core method of WSE.

WSE organizes Local Food Commerce Days to bring together farmers, ranchers, processors, distributors and market outlet buyers to share their needs and together find ways to build a food system that is healthy, humane, environmentally responsible and locally based. We organize the Livingston Farmers Market to provide a place of commerce for farmers, ranchers, artisans and small business owners. In 2013, the Livingston Farmers Market generated over $230,000 in sales for our vendors. The Montana Farm to Restaurant Connection helps connect sustainable producers to stable and lucrative markets. In 2012, this program fostered $834,000 in sales for local producers. Lastly, we mentor sustainable entrepreneurship among children so that our next generation of business leaders understands the importance of giving back to their community and the responsibility of being good stewards of the world in which they live.

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