Dazzling vistas. Clean air. Clear water. Abundant wildlife. World-class fisheries. Safe, friendly small towns. Vibrant ranching and farming traditions. This is the legacy passed to our generation. This is the legacy WSE is committed to passing on—intact—to future generations.

These characteristics, which define our region as well as who we are as a society, are threatened by the pursuit of economic goals that drives most resource destruction. While large multi-national corporations can be the culprit, all too often it is just people trying to make ends meet in a massive economic system that is centralized far beyond the borders of the rural West.

WSE is determined to change this, to build a locally based system that supports people who live here. Our experience and our relationships to-date show that it can be done because many people want to play a constructive role inshaping the future of the region.

WSE sustains this legacy by implementing a comprehensive program comprised of interrelated initiatives that advance sustainable choices and will preserve the West’s incomparable landscape and quality of life for decades to come.


WSE’s mission is one of Sustainability. The Northern Rockies is the world’s last intact temperate-zone ecosystem. We have inherited this legacy because the generations before us have stewarded its unique qualities and resources. WSE’s purpose is to conserve the qualities that make us proud to call the West home, to enhance them whenever possible and leave the region for the next generation in a better state than how we received it. WSE’s purpose, in other words, is to maintain an ethic of Conservation and Stewardship.

Where We Work

WSE works throughout the Northern Rockies though primarily in Montana. We focus our impact in areas of high conservation value. Use the map below to see how the geography of our work interfaces with critical habitat areas.


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