Three Stories, Three Ways to Give: Volunteer

As a nonprofit, we at WSE rely on the support of individuals to accomplish our mission. And with our annual fundraising call we like to remind our supporters of the different ways you can contribute to our work.

First, we couldn’t accomplish what we do without our cadre of volunteers. If you are interested in joining our volunteer team, let us know.

We are lucky to work with many dedicated people who are truly committed to our region and our mission. Many non-profit organizations rely on volunteers to do everything from stuff envelopes to answer phones to being the cogs and wheels that make an event run smoothly. Lucky for us, we don’t have to look very far for examples of the power of giving back from those who dedicate their time for the good of our community.

One of our most visible programs is the Livingston Farmers Market. The market would not be the success it is without the commitment of our volunteers and, most especially, our Market Master and Volunteer Extraordinaire, Rob Bankston. Rob commits as much time to WSE as a part time employee. We’d be lost without him.

When asked why he volunteers, Rob offers, “To give back the blessings that have been given to me.” Fifteen years ago Rob suffered a ruptured brain aneurism and he says from that day forward his life completely changed.  “The community put together a benefit event to raise money to help with my medical bills and they blessed me with more than money.”  It was the generosity of the people at that gathering and the events that followed which instilled Rob’s belief in giving back to his community and region that he loves. He now spends nearly all of his days volunteering in the Livingston area.

In addition to WSE’s Livingston Farmers Market, Rob teaches in our Young Entreprenuer Stewardship (YES) program where he has the chance to pass his community spirit on to tomorrow’s leaders. Children in the program are encouraged to recognize the importance of being responsible business people, but also that it’s important to be good stewards of the environment and actively involved in their communities.

It is not uncommon for participants in the YES program to donate 100% of their profits to charity. Each year, as a group, the YES kids donate the season total of their booth fees (typically about $200) to a local youth-oriented charity. In this way, Rob is ensuring that his legacy will live on through future generations of active, involved citizens.

In honor of his many hours of community service, Mr. Bankston received the Governor’s Award for Civic Engagement from Brian Schweitzer in 2007.

Take Action

At WSE, we are lucky to have an incredible group of volunteers.  Our accomplishments are due to their efforts and their dedication to our organization.  If you are interested in joining the volunteer team, please contact us.